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  Massage has a myriad of benefits for anyone, injured or not. Massage improves circulation to keep muscles pliable and resilient. It improves healing by moving circulation into areas that are congested with inflammation. It can help prevent atrophy resulting from inactivity due to pain. It relieves the physical and chemical effects of stress.

Massage enhances athletic performance because it treats the adhesions between muscle fibers that are a natural result of vigorous exercise. Getting massage regularly can add years to your life.

NOTE: Treatment is often covered by insurance. The number of visits may vary depending on the severity of symptoms.

Special-care | Gyeonggi-do | Wellness Posture
Special-care | Gyeonggi-do | Wellness Posture

ConnecTX - IASTM ( instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization)

ConnecTX is an important innovation in the field of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and a shining example of academia tapping into its accumulated knowledge to address the needs of the marketplace and advance the chiropractic profession. Developed at New York Chiropractic College (NYCC), ConnecTX was created by chiropractic clinicians and academicians sharing a vision of producing a patient centered and evidenced based technique that could evolve with the latest research.

In its infancy, the ConnecTX instrument was designed by Jonathan Dehors, DC with the help of his brother, Jason, with the intent of developing an affordable soft tissue instrument uniquely shaped to maximize therapeutic effectiveness, while providing practitioner comfort.

        Always evolving. Always improving.

Rehabilitation | Gyeonggi-do | Wellness Posture

- Cervical Sprain/Strain  -Achilles Tendinosis

- Lumbar Sprain/Strain  - Trigger point.

- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  - etc 

- Lateral Epicondylitis 

- Rotator Cuff Tendinosis 



Rolfing® is a registered service mark of The Rolf ® Institute of Structural Integration. The International headquarters is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA. There are also school locations in Brazil, Japan, Germany, Australia and more. Almost every major country has a Certified Rolfer, or has heard about Rolfing.

Rolfing is a specialized form of deep tissue massage integrative therapy that balances the body in gravity. While most massage sessions use wonderful techniques to relax you; in addition Rolfing integrates body structure; re-assembling the person into a more balanced physical space. I call this Deep Muscle Alignment. A person receives the benefits of a massage plus the feeling of cohesiveness. Clients report feeling lighter and able to flow with the pace of life; and are resilient to physical and energetic stress.

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