wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic



Using a variety of techniques(chiropractic, manual, mobilization) chiropractic optimizes the the alignment of the spine and joints, and is the first choice for symptoms


improves healing by moving circulation into areas that are congested with inflammation


PRE-POST Pregnancy women care is so important for mom and baby. provide gentle and comfortable treatment


Physical therapy to help your strength, mobility and fitness Occupational therapy to help you with your daily activities


abnormal posture, scoliosis, genu valgum, etc. solve special case


some sports injured, growth problem, posture abnormal, knee problem


wellness posture is an established multi-disciplinary practice that offers chiropractic, Osteopathy, Clinical Pilates, Remedial Massage and Naturopathy to provide an overall holistic approach to well being. We believe that given the right tools the body has an innate ability to heal itself.


Our experienced chiropractic's combine manual techniques with Clinical rehab, yoga, for the treatment, pilates and prevention of injuries or illness. Some of the techniques include soft tissue massage, stretching, joint articulation and manipulation and muscle energy technique and dry needling. .


Our Naturopath provides dietary and lifestyle modification, herbal and/or nutritional supplementation for the treatment and support of illness.


wellness posture specializes in the treatment of back/neck pain, headaches/migraines, sinus pain, sports injuries, arthritis/joint pain, muscular strains, postural problems,  RSI, sciatica, menstrual pain, pregnancy related pain, infant/children assessment,  digestive and gut problems, anxiety/stress,  weight loss,  insomnia, adrenal disorders and more.


'We encourage you to take responsibility for your own long term health and well being.' 

wellness posture/ korea chiropractic/ seoul chiropractic , ilsan chiropractic
Dr. In Jun Kim

US Chiropractor

In Jun Kim D.C, M.S

  Doctor of Chiropractic

- Pennsylvania, US Licensed Chiropractic Doctor

- Vermont, US Licensed Chiropractic Doctor

- Certified Dr. Rolf's Myofascial Release for Posture Dysfunction Course

- Certified ConnecTX Soft Tissue Treatment Instructor Course

- Certified Cyriax Orthopaedic Medicine Course

- Certified Dr. Carrick's Functional Neurology Course

- Certified Mulligan Concept Course

- Certified Impulse Adjusting Technique - Spinal Module Course

- Former - Hanseo Univ. Korean Medicine Hospital Intern

- Former - Spine & posture Chiropractic Center Associate Doctor

- Former - Natural Healing(singapore) Chiropractic Center Director

- Current - Professor at Hanseo Univ. (Department of Chiropractic)

- Current - Education Executive Director at Korean Association of Chiropractor

- Current - Member of American Chiropractic Association (ACA)

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Wellness Posture


Our Address

42, Juhwa-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

​대한민국 경기도 고양시 주화로 42 

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  10:00AM – 20:00PM

Saturday    10:00AM – 15:00PM


korea chiropractic, seoul chiropract
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
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wellness posture/ korea chiropractic
wellness posture/ korea chiropractic